At Ubud in Bali, if you want to heal and cure yourself, 『Vegan Healing Garden』is your choice



Bali, in Indonesia, is a quite famous place for tourists from all over the world. And Bali has various attractive elements. That’s why many foreigners come to Bali every day and they enjoy their time as they feel like.

There is one thing we cannot miss when we talk about the great point in Bali. Especially to those people who care about their health at most.



Bali is one of the top areas to experience Vegetarian food and Vegan menu. There are so many restaurants and cafes as we cannot make up our minds which one we go to and eat. When you cannot decide and when you really want to relax and cure by eating food.


You do not need to take your time to choose shops anymore, there is just one choice for you.



The foods in『Vegan Healing Garden』make you happy and give energy to be alive


Once you see their food on your table, you might feel that something different from the other food you usually eat outside. Once you eat those even a small mouth, youmay feel like as you go back to your childhood.



The full of cares to the whole nature and love to the people


Of course, the food you order at the『Vegan Healing Garden』is not the same with your mother or your grandmother made for you. But still, you may feel back decades ago.


Why do we feel bringing back memories ?


The reason why the foods at the cafe make you feel like that is filled with love as your mom made.



Bapak Nyoman wishes the peoples’ happiness and peace


The main chef at the Vegan Healing Cafe does most of the things by himself.

Sometimes he does gardening, carpenters and buys groceries, also. He manages many things. And he is a priest of Hindu, too.




The dishes he makes are full of the love of nature and the people.

He cooks each food while connecting the power of the earth and his customers. That’s why you feel happy and you feel like you wish the peace all over the world.


The only healing drink in the world



In Ubud you can find easily cafes or restaurants you can order healing drinks from the menu. But, i am sure that it is difficult to find the place, you can ask the one just for yourself.

Bapak Nyoman will choose the fruits and wild glass to make one cup of healing juice after he saw your face and atmosphere. He arranges the ingredients to adjust as you and your body need.




Sometimes, he picks up the wild glass from his garden. So, you can enjoy exactly “Fresh drink”, also.

No wonder, you feel satisfied and your energy comes up from inside you.


Bapak Nyoman makes even coconut milk by himself 

Bali could not be an exception, either.

The most of the parts in the world, have gotten influences from “efficiency”. Balinese people used to grain coconut and squeeze to make coconut milk. But, right now they can go and buy them. Restaurants or cafes have high aware on food and health, do not make coconut milk at their places.

i do not say all restaurants buy coconut milk at the market, but those number is getting bigger.




At the Vegan Healing Cafe, Bapak Nyoman takes his time to make fresh coconut milk with full of his heart.

He makes also, granola to use the cafe.


He just hopes the happiness and good health of the people come to his cafe.


I am sure that any foods at Vegan Healing Cafe you eat make you feel happy and peaceful. And you get healing and curing.



How to get to the Vegan Healing Cafe


You cannot get there by taxi.


Because the path to the cafe is very narrow. You have to walk or motorbike with high attention.



It takes about 20mins on foot from the Ubud central market.





The circumstances around the cafe are also amazing. Go to the Vegan Healing Cafe as you go on a half-day trip. So you can get just relax and enjoy their food and nature in Ubud.